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HOW TO BOOK OUR MODELS / Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
« Last post by Superman on October 22, 2016, 03:26:45 pm »
 Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

    Does our Models do Overnight? - Yes we does Overnight service.

    How long is a session? - Each session is 90mins and maximum 2shots.

    Can i book my session more than 90mins? - Kindly contact us at our hotline and we will let you know the relevant charges.

    What is the Damage/Price? - Damage/Price are stated clearly on the profile on each girls.

    What is our Operating hours? - Operating Hours are from 9am (first slot) to 1am (last slot) Daily. Hotline open from 830am onwards.

    Does our Models do Outcall? - Sorry but currently our Models don't provide Outcall service.

    Do we call or SMS our members? - NO we don't. Discreet service is our top-piority.

    Where is the location? - Location will be given once booking is confirmed.

    Do we disclose details of our members? - All details of our members will be kept highly confidential by us.

HOW TO BOOK OUR MODELS / Booking Procedure (For First Timers/Newbies)
« Last post by Superman on October 22, 2016, 03:24:16 pm »

1) Please kindly take a look at all the Available Models in here.

2) Check up their Photos, Stats, Services & Field Reports.

3) CALL / SMS / WHATSAPP @ the Contact Number stated at the top of the forum with Your Forum Username or E-mail, Name of Model, Preferred Time and Enquiries. Always ask for Recommendation if in doubt. Bro Superman will understand your preferences and recommend accordingly.

4) Bro Superman will get back to you As Soon As Possible. Please kindly CALL Bro Superman @ +65 9015 4666 if we did not reply your SMS / WHATSAPP in 5 Minutes Time.

5) Location will be advised on confirmation of appointments. Please take note that All Damages include Rooms and Safety Caps.

6) Should there be any changes necessary, please inform us as early as possible. You are advised not to make last minute cancellations and to be punctual for the appointment.

7) Kindly let us know once you have arrived at the location. Further details on the exact location will be advised on acknowledgement of your arrival.

8) Bro Carlo wish you have a Wonderful Session. Please help our Model to write FR if she deserved it.

Thanks so much

Bro Superman
Hi all bros!!!

Register as a Member & let our Models start serving you!

Click Here to register as a Member now!

Once you have registered, your username will be put under Moderation until we activate it for you. We will activate your username as soon as possible.

After activation, login with your username and password then get ready to book the girl to enjoy a wonderful session.

Any enquires or problems, kindly do contact Bro Superman @ our New Hotline 90154666

Thanks and have a Great Day!

Bro Superman
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